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7 DO's for fabulous outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be the pièce de résistance in beautifying your yard. It’s a wonderful way to create ambiance in your outdoor living areas or highlight a special planting or water feature. Plus it’s a great safety feature on stairs, around pools, and for dark walkways.

Cheap landscape ideas that make a huge impact

Many people think landscape projects are hugely expensive and will drain their bank accounts. The good news is that many budget-friendly projects make a significant impact on your outdoor space.

Spiral garden gives herbs the perfect spot to grow

Spiral herb gardens became popular years ago when living a self-sufficient life became popular. This space-saving design allows sun-loving herbs to grow on one side and those that prefer more shade to grow on the shadier north side.

DIY salt scrub invigorates dry and tired skin

Get silky smooth skin with this homemade herbal skin exfoliating scrub. This recipe makes enough for one application.

Simple solutions to make fleas flee

An infestation of fleas spells trouble not only for your pet but also the other members of your household. You can bring in the heavy-duty chemical team, but who wants to breathe in all those toxins?