Simple solutions to make fleas flee



An infestation of fleas spells trouble not only for your pet but also the other members of your household. You can bring in the heavy-duty chemical team, but who wants to breathe in all those toxins?

Enjoy a flea-free yard without using harmful chemicals. Don’t miss this list of easy flea-away home remedies.

  • Clean it up. It’s critical to keep your lawn and gardens cleaned up and neat at all times. The more debris, the more fleas. Keep your lawn mowed short. Prune foliage regularly, and pick up and dispose of all clippings and yard waste.
  • Spray them away. Make a bubbly flea spray for your garden using dish soap and water. Fill a garden sprayer with water, and add an ounce of dish soap. Spray all over your garden in the evening.
  • Put lime to good use. Lime dehydrates fleas and kills them. Sprinkle it over your lawn and gardens, and soak it well with water. Be sure to use agricultural-grade lime only as any other type can burn your grass.
  • Repurpose Epsom salts. Like lime, Epsom salts dehydrate fleas. Sprinkle these moisture-sucking salts around flowers and shrubs and in shady places where fleas congregate. Repeat every few weeks. Not only will fleas flee, but your flowers will bloom bigger and brighter.

Fleas aren’t the only pests hiding in your greenery.  We’ve discovered the easiest ways to identify what’s bugging your indoor plants — and the best ways to get rid of them!  You’ll find our handy chart in How to Grow Just About Everything!



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