End mosquito mayhem in your outdoor spaces



Nothing can ruin outdoor fun quicker than mosquito party crashers. They buzz and bite and send people running. Even worse, they carry diseases. Try these expert tips to put an end to mosquito mayhem so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces once again.


Repel with fragrance. Some pretty plants smell pretty bad to mosquitoes. Plant them near your patio for a pest-free zone.

Try marigolds, basil, lavender, chives, and scented geraniums around the perimeter of your outdoor living spaces. They’ll give you a beautiful garden display as well as a living mosquito-repelling border.

These plants look stunning, are easy to care for, and help create a mosquito-free zone. You can set them out in containers on balconies, decks, and patios for protection in these spaces as well.


Dress for success. Wear the right clothes and you can turn off mosquitoes. Choose light colors such as tan, light gray, or white to make them less interested in you. Wear black or bright colors, on the other hand, and the mosquitoes will come flying right to you.

Long sleeves and pants are best, and a hat with a neck guard is a must if you are going into a woodsy and damp area where mosquitoes swarm.


Want more tips to keep mosquitos out of your yard? Check out page 227 in How To Grow Just About Everything and try these tried-and-true methods your grandpa used!



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