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Forget Elbow Grease ... Use Your Microwave!

If you think your microwave oven is only good for heating leftovers, think again — it could be saving you loads of time and effort around the house!

Paper Trail Confidential

What to keep, what to shred, and everything in between.  Does your file cabinet look like a pack rat has turned it into his home sweet home? It’s difficult to decide what you need to keep — and what you can put through the shredder. Unravel the rat’s nest and make sense out of all the confusion by following these tips to organize your important records the easy way. Send that rat packing, once and for all. 

Organize your fridge for food safety

Organize your fridge for food safetyIt's time to round up outdated food. All expiration dates aren't created equal. Foods with a "use by" date must be used before that date to ensure peak flavor and quality. Foods with a "sell by" date or no date must be cooked or frozen within a certain number of days after purchase. Check out these top tips to organize your fridge for food safety.

Clutter Control Made Easy — The Secret Art of Overcoming Chaos

Tips to setting a daily cleaning routine

Clutter control can be easy. You just need a plan. And like any good plan, this one comes in small, easy to swallow bites. 

That’s the key. When your house is cluttered, you feel overwhelmed with the enormity of putting everything in order. But if you take one area at a time, and learn how to follow four simple steps, you’ll have a neat-as-a-pin home in no time.