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Top tips for a successful garage sale

From Overwhelmed to Organized
Are you ready to stop hoarding all that stuff around your house and turn it into cash? Then you’re ready for a yard sale! Here are top tips that can make yours the most successful garage sale ever. 

Don’t Let the Coronavirus Cause an Outbreak of Clutter!

Save empty tennis ball canisters to store loose objects like sewing bobbins, drill bits, or tie wraps.  Attach Velcro fasteners to the canisters and the other adhesive strip to a pegboard or wall to hang the containers.

Don't Let Clutter Take Over This Holiday Season

Keep your home, your finances, and yourself organized despite all of the holiday hustle and bustle. We have tips and tricks to help you stay on top of it all — without the clutter that can so often accumulate during the holidays!

Prepare Your Home for Holiday Hosting

Be a happy host with tips and tricks to help you get your home ready for holiday hosting on time and on budget. Your guests won’t believe you could do it all!

Toss, Freeze, or Trash? How to Know When to Let it Go

The eternal dilemma — should you toss that bottle, can, or package that’s been in the drawer for who knows how long? You’d like to trust the expiration date, but these can be alarmingly inaccurate — more like guidelines, really. Understanding date stamps can sometimes mean the difference between sickness and health.