Don't Let Clutter Take Over This Holiday Season



Keep your home, your finances, and yourself organized despite all of the holiday hustle and bustle. We have tips and tricks to help you stay on top of it all — without the clutter that can so often accumulate during the holidays!


Use these easy tips for maintaining a tidy, organized home throughout the holidays:

  1. Create a drop zone. Key rings, cellphones, wallets, and sunglasses seem to be the most commonly misplaced items in our lives. Cut down on holiday-frantic confusion by assigning one spot to contain your must-haves. Consider hanging a small shelf with hooks in your front hallway or near the door to your garage. Get in the habit of putting your keys on the hooks and setting everything else on the shelf every time you come home. You can even place a basket underneath to hold larger items.

  1. Be ready for accidents. Winter activities and festivities often lead to not-so-merry mishaps. Organize all your important medicines and first-aid supplies into one central location so family and friends will know where to go in an emergency. A hall linen closet fits the bill perfectly. It’s easily accessible, and unlike the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about someone occupying it when a crisis arises. Finally, take a moment, locate the expiration dates on all your medicines, and rewrite them in black marker on the containers. These are normally very easy to overlook and making them more visible is a smart safety move.

  1. Put an end to car clutter. Whether it’s a mad dash with Aunt Betty to the mall or a neighborhood jaunt to the skating rink, don’t let a messy car have you squirming in embarrassment. Drape a plastic shoe organizer over the back of the front seat and use the pockets to hold items like extra mittens, books, toiletries, maps, tools, or medication. Kids can even use it to store their toys or portable listening devices during trips. No more backseat clutter. 

  1. Recycle gift bows. It’s hard to pass bows off the second or third time around if they are smashed flat. Save them in pristine condition for next year with this handy storage tip: Find a plastic or paper bag and fill it loosely with bows. Seal and hang your bow-filled bag from the ceiling in a closet or attic space. If you really want to be organized, group your bows by theme or color.

  1. Zip through grocery shopping. You don’t have time to wander up and down every aisle hunting for chocolate sprinkles. Get a store map or directory list the next time you’re at the supermarket, then use it to organize your coupons and your shopping list by aisle and product.


For even more tips on how to make your home a holiday paradise for guests, check out From Overwhelmed to Organized.




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