5 Free Ways to Exercise Your Brain!



You’ve probably noticed fitness centers in your hometown. Wouldn’t it be great if you could drop your brain off at one for a little treadmill work every day to improve its performance? Fortunately, you can help keep your brain fit with neurobic exercises — mental fitness workouts for your brain cells. 

The goal of these exercises is to work your brain in unexpected ways. Shake up your routines, and use your environment to challenge yourself. Some experts say the more you engage your senses with activities like these, the better your brain’s fitness and flexibility.

  1. Visit a new place. Maybe it’s a different coffee shop, or even a new state. You could also eat lunch somewhere different, like the great outdoors.

  2. Use your television remote control or computer mouse with your nondominant hand.

  3. Take a different path to your favorite shopping place. Notice the signs and landmarks along the way as if you wanted to tell someone else how to take that route. Even natural features like the smell of evergreens activate pathways in your brain.

  4. Test your touch. Drop random coins in your pocket. Try to name each coin as you fish it out based only on its surface features. Make it more challenging by adding international coins to the mix. If you’re short on change, try finding your favorite shirt using only your sense of touch.

  5. Pull out your spice rack and identify your herbs and spices by smell.


Exercising your brain is great, but exercising your body is also great for your brain! Check out these simple exercise tips that anyone can do on page 3 of The Ageless Brain for Seniors! 


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