Don’t Let the Coronavirus Cause an Outbreak of Clutter!



Use these smart, savvy tips to stay organized and clear out your “coronavirus clutter” today!


Ace your storage problems 
Save empty tennis ball canisters to store loose objects like sewing bobbins, drill bits, or tie wraps.  Attach Velcro fasteners to the canisters and the other adhesive strip to a pegboard or wall to hang the containers.

Baby your stuff
Reuse small jars with lids, such as baby food jars, by nailing the lids to the underside of a shelf and screwing the jars to the lids. This is a handy way to keep small items like keys and earrings organized.

Perfect placement cleans clutter
Create specific places for the everyday necessities: For instance, hang car keys on a hook next to the back door, put mail that hasn’t been read in the wicker basket on the desk, stack the newspaper on the television. Make sure you also create permanent “homes” for frequently used items like light bulbs, batteries, or cleaning supplies.


Save paper by recycling 
If you have a computer and printer at your house, consider recycling your own printer paper. When you print off a letter or report that isn’t quite perfect, don’t throw the paper in the trash; put it in a special “recycle” pile. Turn the used paper over, and run it through your printer again when you know you’re writing something that is a “first draft.” You’ll get the maximum use of your paper, save money, and help the environment at the same time.

Organize odd items
Keep a small laundry basket or plastic box for odd items that are either missing something, like an unmatched sock, or are separated from the original, such as a game piece or an unusual screw found on the floor. Label the container with a question mark. Then periodically go through the basket when you have time to figure out where the pieces go. 


For serious supplies
Minimize clutter and keep dangerous cleaning solutions from spilling by standing cleaning supplies upright in a plastic crate under your sink. If there are some supplies you need to use throughout the house, store them in a plastic tool carrier so you can easily use them on cleaning day.

Now you’re ready for easy, expert tips on everything from maintaining your car and organizing your kitchen to shopping for gifts and snagging the biggest bargains.  

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