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Energize Your Brain with Breakfast

Start your day the right way — with a healthy breakfast. This important meal can fight fatigue and stress, brighten your mood, and sharpen your focus and concentration. Go from exhausted to exhilarated with these tips for beating fatigue. If you always feel tired, don’t miss breakfast. Just follow these six tips for morning meals that make you merry.

Delicious but Dangerous: Foods You Should Avoid

Fast food: a fast track to dementia

Before you go through the drive-thru, discover what just one week of fast food can do to your brain!


5 Awesome Ways to Eat Avocados — and Cut Your Cholesterol

It’s amazing what you can do with an avocado. And what an avocado can do for you.
This buttery-tasting fruit slashed the bad cholesterol in obese and overweight individuals, found a small study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Doctors placed all participants on three healthy diets to lower cholesterol. While all three diets reduced cholesterol, the participants who ate a Haas avocado daily reaped the biggest benefits. And if you lower your cholesterol, you cut your risk of having a stroke.


Spicy Way to Ease Stomach Trouble!

Cinnamon isn't just for sweet rolls and sweet potatoes anymore. This condiment is a powerful antiseptic that acts against infectious diseases. In traditional Greek and Indian medicine, cinnamon treated many symptoms. Its healing capabilities, and sweet taste, have made it a valuable spice for thousands of years. Don't forget to check back for more wonderful facts!

Double trouble for foot fungus

Garlic and foot fungus
Athlete’s foot fungus is something like the mythical vampire of folk- lore: Sounds strange, but you can fight this pesky condition with these two home remedies.