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Free prescriptions for a whole year — and more!

Why pay outrageous prices for prescriptions you can get absolutely free? Stores like Harris Teeter, Publix, Walmart, Costco, and others offer special deals on prescriptions that will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

4 chemical-free pest control tricks for your home

Nearly a billion pounds of pesticides are released into the environment every year as people try to kill insects and other critters in their homes, offices, and crops. It’s the never-ending struggle of man versus pests, and chemical insecticides are a powerful weapon. But commercial pesticides could be poisoning your immune system.

Best-ever home remedies for a clogged drain

Clear a clogged drain like a pro with this three-ingredient drain opener. It’s natural, safe, and won’t damage your pipes. 

How you can clean green: 10 money-saving tips for making your own organic cleaners

Want to clean green? Try these money-saving tips for making your own organic cleaners and watch your house shine.