3 fun ways to ramp up your exercise routine



You’ve probably heard about the multi-sport National Senior Games, an Olympics-style competition for folks age 50 and over.  Well, in 2019 Mary Crusius took home the gold for her powerhouse performance on the pickleball court. That’s nice, you might say. But Mary aced the match at the ripe young age of 91!


Read on to learn more about pickleball and other fabulous ways to work out at any age.


Get in tiptop shape with pickleball. Imagine a mashup of tennis, badminton, and pingpong. How fun! No wonder this game is gaining popularity with seniors everywhere.  And it’s a heart-healthy aerobic exercise that boosts your hand-eye coordination but isn’t too hard on your body. You don’t need expensive equipment — paddles cost as little as $12. Check online at places2play.org to find pickleball leagues near you.


Cycle up for more brainpower. Just 10 minutes of aerobic activity — like riding a stationary bike — can perk up the parts of the brain that help you focus and solve problems. But do you choose the recumbent or upright style? If you’re looking for comfort, recumbent is the one for you. The chair-like seat supports your back, and the reclined position keeps you from straining. 


Improve flexibility with a water workout. Want to take pressure off your aching joints? Try water aerobics. It gets an A-plus when it comes to improving your flexibility and easing lower back pain. Contact your local public pools, gyms, and recreation centers for class schedules.




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