3 Ways to Save Money Without Even Trying!



There’s nothing better than saving money, but sometimes, it’s mentally exhausting to do the math to try and figure out where to cut corners. Here are 3 ways to save without even trying:

  1. Join a Grocery Store Loyalty Program: Getting a loyalty card from your favorite grocery store is one of the easiest, low-effort ways to save. Just swipe the card and watch your total come down!

  2. Embrace Senior Discounts: You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Anywhere you make a purchase, ask if they offer any senior discounts. Worst case scenario: they say no. Best case scenario: you save some money!

  3. Round-Up Programs: See if your bank offers a round-up program. This program rounds up purchases to the nearest dollar, and puts the extra into a separate savings account!



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          • FC&A Staff Writer