5 Reasons Why You Should Chew Gum



You may think gum is just a way to freshen your breath, but it’s better for so much more than that! Check out these 5 health benefits you can get from chewing your favorite gum:

Fine-Tunes Your Focus: A study revealed that people who chewed gum had quicker reaction times and better test results than those who didn’t chew gum!


Boosts Your Brain: Researchers think the act of chewing makes more blood flow to the brain, and that may decrease your risk of dementia.


Reduces Stress: According to a study from Cardiff University, you can reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression with a good chew!


Improves Dental Health: Chew a stick of gum every day and you’ll be armed to the teeth against harmful bacteria. Researchers say untreated dental infections can spread to your bloodstream and your brain. But chewing sugar-free gum just 10 minutes can help remove 100 million bacteria in your saliva.


Whittles Your Waist:  Experts know being overweight raises your risk of developing health problems linked to dementia (like heart disease and type 2 diabetes). Popping a piece of gum before snacking helped suppress appetite, block sweet cravings, and reduce hunger!




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  • FC&A Staff Writer