5 Secrets to More Radiant Skin



Nourish your skin naturally! Simply tweak your diet and you can boost your defenses against aging.


1) Discover the power of linoleic acid 

You’ll find this essential fatty acid in nuts, soybean oil, and green leafy vegetables. British scientists discovered that people who eat more linoleic acid may be less likely to develop dry, thinning skin. 

Linoleic acid turns into EPA and DHA in your body, the same omega-3 oils found in fatty fish. These oils may have the power to help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. And that may mean your skin stays young-looking longer.


2) Plump up your skin with water

When your skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it not only gets brittle and dry, it becomes prone to wrinkles, too. Dermatologists say your skin depends on the water you drink for part of the moisture it needs. But many older adults do not get enough.

Research shows that older adults are less likely to get thirsty when they’re dehydrated. So you could be dehydrated and not even know it. In fact, that may help explain why hospital admissions for dehydration recently rose 40% over 10 years.

When you drink water regularly, your skin cells absorb that water and plump themselves up. This can help smooth away wrinkles caused by dehydration and rejuvenate your skin.


3) Keep skin moisturized

It’s not just what you rub on your skin, it’s when

Apply lotion as soon as you get out of the bath or shower, before the moisture on your skin can evaporate. The lotion will help your skin will stay hydrated longer. 


4) Ease up on the sugar ... and the salt

We all know less is best when it comes to sugar, for all sorts of reasons.  But there’s also evidence that dietary sugars can make you look older and speed up the aging process.

As for salt, it’s well-known for causing the body to retain water, and it can cause a similar problem for your skin, including those puffy areas under your eyes.            

Try cooking with more natural spices and seasonings and less salt.  It’ll improve your health, and your appearance.


5) Let an expert help you

Sometimes it’s best to let a doctor have a look.

Regular appointments with a dermatologist can give you peace of mind and some great tips for overall skin care. A doctor can also check for trouble spots and recommend treatments for any potential problems.


Nature’s Helping Hand 


Let’s face it:  Age and the environment take their toll.  And sometimes nature needs a little help when it comes to skin care. That’s why we created Frank K. Wood’s Age-Away Skin Cream®.

It uses natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid found in fruits and other foods to ...

  • Exfoliate old skin cells.

  • Moisturize dry spots.             

  • Refine and firm for a smoother complexion.

  • ... With No odor, and No greasy residue!

  • All for less than the expensive department store brands!


Our Customers Say It Best!


There’s absolutely no risk!

Every order of Frank K. Wood’s Age-Away Skin Cream® is covered by our industry-famous money-back guarantee:  If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know and we’ll refund your money — no questions asked!                  


We’ve sold more than 1,000,000 jars ... find out why!



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