Shopping Secrets: 3 Super-Easy Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half


Check out the competition and save 18%.  At least 2 out of 3 Americans search for food deals in more than one store. Are you one of them? Shopping around gives you great savings options.


Use your gadgets to gain up to 20% cash back.  Do you find technology intimidating? Too bad because that means you’re losing out on free money. Learn how to use it, and you’ll stay on the cutting edge of new deals.


Paying with coupons clips your costs an average of 20%.  You can save even more if you use your coupons on sale items, combine store and manufacturers coupons, and shop on double-coupon days. For example, if you have 50-cent coupons for 20 items and take advantage of double-coupon day, you’ll save $20 right off the top of your grocery bill. Do that every week throughout the year and you’ll put $1,040 back in your pocket.


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  • FC&A Staff Writer