6 Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Make You Happier!


Fallen into a rut of negative thinking? It may feel inescapable. But changing your perspective is easier than you may expect if you take a little time for self-reflection.

First you have to recognize your negative thoughts. Do you dismiss good things in your life as “lucky” but blame yourself when things go wrong? Challenge that initial pessimistic response by thinking about what outside factors may have had an impact. Examine what underlying beliefs are guiding that response. Then cut off the negative thinking with these activities.

  1. Keep a journal. Underline the good things that happened during your day and reflect on them.

  2. Stop negative thoughts short by switching to an enjoyable activity. Listen to music or read a book to shift your attention.

  3. Maintain your sense of purpose. During retirement you may feel a little lost without a job. Fill your time by trying something new like learning a language or instrument.

  4. Don’t dwell on things out of your control. If global news gets you down, volunteer to help at a local level.

  5. Be compassionate with yourself. Take time to nurture your body with exercise and a good diet.

  6. Surround yourself with optimistic people. 

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  • FC&A Staff Writer