Could eating out be harming your blood pressure?


Eating out regularly may be a risk factor for high blood pressure. People between the ages of 18 and 40 who ate out more than 12 meals a week had slightly raised blood pressure or full-blown high blood pressure, found researchers in Singapore.  

If you’re a guy, your chances are even higher. Forty- nine percent of the men in the study were more likely to have slightly elevated blood pressure versus only 9 percent of the women.

And scientists made a surprising discovery throughout the study — eating out even one extra meal a week hiked the risk of blood pressure that’s slightly higher by 6 percent. Not surprisingly, many people tend to choose foods higher in calories, saturated fat, and salt when they eat out.  

The moral of the story? Eat at home more often, where you have control of your salt, fat, and calories.

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  • FC&A Staff Writer