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Technically an herb derived from the husk of psyllium seed, psyllium forms a gel that slows the digestion of food as it moves through your system. Because it takes longer to break down carbohydrates and absorb glucose into your bloodstream, insulin has more time to convert that glucose into energy.

A Spanish study of 12 men and eight women with diabetes reported encouraging results. After taking 14 grams of psyllium a day for six weeks, they saw their glucose absorption decrease by 12 percent. However, results varied greatly between individuals. Their total cholesterol (7.7 percent) and LDL cholesterol (9.2 percent) also dropped significantly.

It’s not hard to get psyllium into your diet. Besides Metamucil and bulk laxatives, you can find it as a food additive in breakfast cereals, or you can buy your own psyllium at a whole foods store and sprinkle it on your morning cereal.

If you have diabetes, taking just one teaspoon, or about 5 grams, with water three times a day before meals can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels.

Psyllium can interact with many medications, so talk to your doctor before supplementing your diet with psyllium.

Also, be sure to monitor your blood sugar carefully while using psyllium. Its ability to lower blood sugar means that it may push blood sugar down too far in some people, especially when taken with drugs that reduce blood sugar.

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