Get Your Meds Filled for Free to Keep Cash in Your Pocket



More than half of seniors take at least four medications every day. Those costs can really add up. But believe it or not, you can get free prescription drugs. You just need to know where to look.

Ask around at the grocery store to save hundreds. Your pharmacist might not have told you, but you can get free medicine at some grocery chains like Publix, Price Chopper, and Meijer.

At one supermarket pharmacy, for example, you may not have to pay a cent for a 90-day supply of diabetes medication that might cost you $20 somewhere else. 

Of course, the offers vary depending on your grocery store. Simply ask them what sort of deals they have the next time you need to refill a prescription. 

Get a little extra help from drug manufacturers. Some pharmaceutical companies offer free medicine to low-income people who don’t have health insurance. Go online to to search for patient assistance programs run by manufacturers. Or ask your pharmacist for the manufacturer’s phone number and contact them directly to see if you’re eligible for free meds.
And if you have Medicare, you can go online to pharmaceutical-assistance-program and search for your prescriptions to find assistance programs.

Want to curb your spending? Ask about free samples. Simply ask your doctor for a few free samples next time she writes a prescription. If you’re lucky, you might go home with medicine, free of charge. And that could wind up saving you hundreds of dollars.

For more details, read “Track Down Free Samples to Save Thousands on Prescriptions” on page 3 of The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors.

The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors

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