Go With The Flow!


Tai chi is a graceful form of gentle, low-impact exercise so simple anyone can do it. The series of stretching movements are performed slowly, allowing each position to flow into the next without interruption. This side effect-free therapy has been used for thousands of years to discipline the mind and body. 

Experts say all you need is a little more than two hours of practice a week over six months to gain the brain benefits of tai chi. And its gentle, rhythmic movements can be adapted to suit many physical abilities. Some may find it necessary to use a chair as support, for example. Instructors recommend that you check with your doctor before starting a program so you can spot any challenges tai chi might pose. 

Ready to get started? Check out page 310 in The Ageless Brain for Seniors: 1,001 Secrets to Keep Your Brain Young, Your Memory Sharp, and Your Mind Healthy to learn about Tai Chi websites and where you can find classes near you. 

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