Keep squirrels out of your bird feeder permanently


Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder Permanently!

Feed the birds, not the squirrels, by using these clever tips.

    • Find a Slinky that a child no longer wants. Using staple or wire, fasten the top of the Slinky to the underside of your bird feeder so it surrounds the pole from top to bottom. Squirrels will be completely frustrated by this simple barrier.
    • Cut the bottom off a 2-liter soda bottle or 5-gallon water bottle. Drill holes through the neck of the bottle and use part of a coat hanger to hang the bottle from the bottom of the bird feeder. The resulting umbrella shape makes pole climbing impossible for squirrels. You can also get the same effect with an old bucket. Just cut the bottom off and drill holes through the sides of the bucket near the base. Use the hanger to attach it to the bottom of the bird feeder, and squirrels will seek easier pickings elsewhere.
      • Ask someone at the home improvement store to help you find an HVAC reducer. This is a short metal cylinder designed to connect a small duct to a larger one. You'll also need screws and small pieces of wood — called shims — to fit between the inner wall of the reducer and the bird feeder pole. Slip the reducer over the pole, jam the shims in the empty space between the pole and the reducer, and attach the entire contraption to the bird feeder pole with nails or screws.




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