Boost your brain with video games



Playing video games isn’t just for kids. Recent studies show that senior adults who play video games can improve their memory, processing speed, and reasoning skills.

Tackling a game that involves strategy improves planning, scheduling, and multitasking abilities. Exercising with a gaming system such as the Wii increases eye-hand coordination and elevates heart rates.


Ever feel like your mind is working slower than molasses? Experts say you can train your brain to think quickly and improve your memory! Next time your kids and grandkids come over, turn on the Wii or have a couple of games, like Space Fortress, handy on your tablet. Studies show these improve memory skills, mental processing speed, ability to change tasks, and decision-making.


Plus, playing video games leads to one of the best benefits of all — social interaction. Seniors who spend time with friends playing games tend to have less cognitive and physical limitations than those who don’t socialize. So go ahead, fire up an X-Box or PlayStation and invite a few friends over — it’s a win-win for everyone.

Don't have access to video games? You can download free game apps to your phone, iPad, or computer. Studies show these online games can make you happier and healthier! Challenge yourself and improve your thinking with these free puzzles, brain-teasers, and games.

  • Try the Neuro Nation app for iPhone and Android. Chosen as an Editor’s Choice by the Google Play Store, this free app starts with a few questions so it can choose the best games for you. After an “assessment” game for practice, you may start with a pathfinder game or another game tailored to your specifications. You can play three games for free every day.
  • See why people love the WordBrain app. At first, you might think WordBrain’s tantalizing puzzles are child’s play, but don’t be fooled. These clever word puzzles start off easy and get harder. You may be surprised at how time flies while playing through the levels of all the free games.
  • Tricky Test 2 Genius Brain is tantalizing fun. Like brain teasers? This is the app you have been waiting for. This free app is full of clever trick questions that will keep you challenged, entertained, and amused.
  • Print new puzzles fresh off The Griddle. When you want a change from electronic games, try the free printable puzzles at You do not have to register to print one out. Just meander through the menu, and pick a Sudoku, maze, or other puzzle. Click the red PDF button to see each one and print the ones you like. A new puzzle is added every week, but you can check the archives for more brain-teasers to play between updates.

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