Cool down diabetes with chili peppers



Spicing your life up with hot chili peppers, cayenne, and other capsaicin-containing seasonings can help turn the tables on diabetes. There’s new evidence showing capsaicin makes your cells more sensitive to insulin and improves the balance between blood sugar and insulin in your body.

The answer lies in inflammation and how the heat of capsaicin cools those flames. Inflammation may play an important role in the development of obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. In fact, some diabetes drugs are also anti-inflammatory, and your blood sugar drops as inflammation decreases.

Think of inflammatory compounds as boats floating around your body. They plug into special TRPV1 receptors on some nerve cells, like boats docking in a harbor. This triggers the nerves to release a chemical called CGRP. CGRP causes your body to release more inflammatory compounds, which in turn triggers the release of more CGRP. It’s a vicious cycle of disease development, because high levels of CGRP lead to insulin resistance and possibly obesity.


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Capsaicin steps in and destroys nerves with TRPV1 docks. This cuts off the production of CGRP, which may prevent insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance. Capsaicin puts a lid on other inflammatory compounds, too, and boosts levels of adiponectin, a chemical in your body that fights inflammation. By getting inflammation under control, you can dodge insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

Start seasoning your food with chili pepper or cayenne. People who added a total of three tablespoons of chili pepper to meals every day evened out insulin and blood sugar spikes after meals. To make this treatment super simple, start each day by measuring out three tablespoons of chili pepper. Use it to season snacks and meals throughout the day.

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