Calendar of Savings: What to Do Every Month Next Year to Put Thousands Back in Your Pocket!



January. Furniture retailers discount their year-end stock by 25% or more in January. Why? They need to clear warehouse and showroom space to make room for new products. So if you’re in the market for new furniture, wait until January to buy! 

February. Save thousands this year by asking your doctor “Do you have any free samples?” If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your expensive prescriptions, your doctor may be able to get samples from the drug companies and give them to you for free!

March. Save hundreds on your homeowner’s insurance by taking action in March! Install a monitored security system, sign up for auto pay, bundle your home and auto insurance, stay with the same insurer, and renew early! All of these actions can give you discounts on your policy.

April. Take advantage of tax-breaks for caregivers this month! File as head of household, claim the dependent care credit, and take the credit for other dependents. Taxes are just one of the ways you can save this month. 

To see how you can save money for the remaining months of the year, grab your copy of The Fixed Income Answer Book for Seniors.


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