Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Superstar



Tomatoes are loaded with a special antioxidant compound called lycopene.  It neutralizes molecules called free radicals, which are the by-product of everything from environmental toxins to unhealthy diets. Lycopene prevents free radicals from damaging healthy cells — potentially reducing the risk of cancer.

In The Country Doctor’s Kitchen Secrets Handbook 2, you’ll learn about an Ohio study that found women who consumed the equivalent of four tomatoes per day had a remarkable 45% lower risk of developing kidney cancer!  And how research shows men with higher levels of lycopene in their bloodstream, were 35% less likely to develop prostate cancer compared to those with lower levels!

Just another reason why you can’t afford to miss the amazing information we’ve gathered in The Country Doctor’s Kitchen Secrets Handbook 2: 1,267 Pantry Prescriptions and Refrigerator Remedies for Almost Every Health and Household Problem.


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  • FC&A Staff Writer