Why daily pistachios could mean better nights

One out of every four men who sees a doctor about erectile dysfunction (ED) is under the age of 40, a recent Italian study discovered. Fortunately, no matter how young you are, drugs and medical treatments aren’t your only option. Natural solutions like these have amazing results.
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Keep squirrels out of your bird feeder permanently

Feed the birds, not the squirrels, by using these clever tips.

5 Questions to ask before joining a food co-op

5 Questions to ask before joining a food co-op

Food co-ops can be a great way to get discounted foods, fruits, and vegetables fresh from the farm, organic foods, or items your grocery store doesn't carry. But before you join, ask these questions to see if the co-op is right for you.

Organize your fridge for food safety

Organize your fridge for food safetyIt's time to round up outdated food. All expiration dates aren't created equal. Foods with a "use by" date must be used before that date to ensure peak flavor and quality. Foods with a "sell by" date or no date must be cooked or frozen within a certain number of days after purchase. Check out these top tips to organize your fridge for food safety.

Clutter Control Made Easy — The Secret Art of Overcoming Chaos

Tips to setting a daily cleaning routine

Clutter control can be easy. You just need a plan. And like any good plan, this one comes in small, easy to swallow bites. 

That’s the key. When your house is cluttered, you feel overwhelmed with the enormity of putting everything in order. But if you take one area at a time, and learn how to follow four simple steps, you’ll have a neat-as-a-pin home in no time.