5 Small Home Improvements that Reap Big Rewards


The housing market is hot right now! If you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the time to make the most profit on your home. When you’re ready to get your house listed, be sure to do these 5 small projects to reap the most reward:

  1. Paint: It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! Just be sure to use neutral colors like grey or beige. This can increase your home’s value by up to $2,000!
  2. Curb Appeal: Painting your front door black or charcoal can increase your home’s value by up to $6,000! And don’t forget to trim your bushes, manicure your lawn, and clean any visible dirt off of the house.
  3. New light fixtures: Get rid of outdated, dimly lit fixtures and replace with newer ones. A dark and dreary looking interior could turn-off a potential buyer.
  4. New flooring: If you have the funds, replace your old carpet with hardwood floors and your linoleum with tile! If you can’t replace it, no worries, just clean the carpet thoroughly, remove any scratches from your older hardwoods, scrub the grout in your tile, and mop your linoleum.
  5. Deep Clean: Don’t discount a good cleaning! Whether you hire someone to do it, or do it yourself, having a sparkling clean home is key to your home selling quickly and for top dollar!

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    • FC&A Staff Writer