7 Habits of People with the Sharpest Memories!



In a huge study, Australian researchers gave extensive memory tests to 29,500 people and also recorded their habits and daily diet.

This research revealed the 7 habits of people with the sharpest memories. Here are the ones you can probably guess:

  • Read often
  • Do crossword puzzles

  • Drink little or no alcohol

But I bet you wouldn’t guess these ... First, write every day — try keeping a diary or journal. It beats watching TV, because folks who keep their memories also limit television to 1 hour per day!

What about food? First, eat fish every week — it really is brain food! And have a cup of tea or coffee daily. Nutrients in these foods protect your brain cells.

Oh, and about reading ... you can get an extra boost by picking the right kinds of things to read. See page 35 of Your Brain and Body Answer Book to find out how to supercharge your protection!


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  • FC&A Staff Writer