Yogurt may prevent and treat digestive diseases

Bacteria are more than just bad bugs lurking on doorknobs waiting to make you sick. Some fight on the side of good.

Right now, billions of bacteria are living in your intestines helping digest food and protecting you from harmful germs. Unfortunately, a round of antibiotics or a poor diet can kill off the good bugs. Without them, bad bacteria invade and take over, triggering all sorts of digestive problems. Eating yogurt restores your system’s natural balance by keeping unfriendly bacteria at bay.

Best-ever home remedies for a clogged drain

Clear a clogged drain like a pro with this three-ingredient drain opener. It’s natural, safe, and won’t damage your pipes. 

Dark-roasted decaf coffee eases heartburn

You enjoy drinking coffee, but not the heartburn that follows. Switching to a dark-roasted coffee could help. Researchers discovered that dark-roasted coffee contains a compound that helps reduce stomach acid. Called N-methylpyridinium (NMP), this compound is generated only with roasting. So dark-roasted coffee contains more of it — up to twice as much as light-roasted varieties. 

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol with everyday fruit

Grapes are a handy, lip-smacking snack you can buy pretty much year-round. And you’ll want to do just that, not only for their mouth appeal, but because adding them to your diet can help you lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

5 foods that keep blood pressure down

Your life may depend on your blood pressure. Hypertension — high blood pressure (HPB) — hits around 50 million people in the United States and a billion worldwide. It can trigger coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease. HPB causes two-thirds of the strokes, almost half of all heart attacks, and is the biggest risk factor for death in the world.