15-Minute Trick Keeps Clutter Under Control



This is the one cleaning tip you can’t live without. Set aside 30 minutes a week, and you’ll always have a clean, clutter-free house.  

Do a quick, de-cluttering sweep twice a week. Set an egg timer for 15 minutes, grab a laundry basket, and go. Move through each room, putting items in the basket that don’t belong in that room and taking out items that do.  

When the timer goes off, stop. You may not make it through the whole house in 15 minutes, but with twice-a-week sessions everything will eventually return to its rightful place.  

Give your back a break by using a wheeled wagon or cart instead of carrying a basket. For two-story homes, place small baskets at the top and bottom of the stairs. Drop items that belong up- or downstairs in the appropriate basket, and always take an item with you when you make a trip.

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  • FC&A Staff Writer