4 Home Hacks Save You Hundreds on Heating and Cooling Costs


Change it up.
Experts say changing the thermostat 10 degrees from your normal setting for eight hours a day can save you 10 percent on your energy bill. For instance, try running the AC less during those summer nights, and keep your heat lower during the winter days.


Use windows wisely to keep money in your pocket.
On sunny winter days, open up your curtains and let the natural light warm your house. Then do the opposite in the summer. Pull down the blinds on windows that get direct sunlight to keep your air conditioner from working overtime.


Cheap solution stops sneaky drafts.
This simple 25-cent fix can help lower your heating and cooling bills. Just line the inside of your outlet and switch plate covers with little foam gaskets that insulate your home from air leaks.


Crush cooling costs by fixing your filters.
Experts estimate that regular filter changes can save you up to 15 percent a year on your power bill. That’s about $17 you can put back in your pocket each month.


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