3 Fun Facebook Features That Go Beyond The News Feed



The Facebook news feed is designed for endless scrolling. But you don’t have to be a mindless participant. Facebook has lots of other features that make social media interesting and helps you connect with friends, family, and people who share your interests.

Join groups that reflect your passions. Facebook has groups for every interest, and many users believe groups are the best part of this social media site.

On the desktop version of Facebook, in the Explore section of the left-hand sidebar, click Groups. You’ll find a similar option in the Facebook app.

On the Groups page that appears, click the Discover tab in the upper left. You’ll see categories of groups at the top. Click a category to see related groups. As you browse through the list, you may see if any of your friends are already members.

To join a group, click the Join button next to the group name. Be sure to read and follow the guidelines. You may want to watch how the group works for a few weeks before you join the conversation.

Keep track of local events. People and organizations use an option called Facebook Events to tell the community what’s happening in their area.

On the Events page that appears, click Discover. You can then see events in your area and filter them by time and a more specific location.

To keep track of events that interest you, click the Interested button. You can easily find details about the event any time by clicking Events in the left-hand sidebar and checking the Upcoming events list that appears on the Events page.

Enjoy videos picked especially for you. Facebook Watch is a selection of video channels with shows that are popular with Facebook users. When you select Watch in the left-hand sidebar, you can browse videos that Facebook thinks you will like.

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