Save Hundreds a Year By Ditching Cable


New developments have made it easier than ever to “cut the cord” and cancel cable. Years ago, you could only watch certain content, and that did not include network shows. Sports weren’t available — a huge drawback for any fan looking to save money. And you had to watch on your small phone or laptop screen or mess with a tangle of wires to hook your computer up to your TV.


But now, network shows, blockbuster movies, and even sports are available on your big screen. And often, these streaming options are available for much less than your cable bill. So if you ditch your cable or satellite, you can save money and still watch your favorite shows.


Want to learn how to save hundreds a year on your bill? Follow these three steps to get started.


Make sure you have a strong internet connection. You’ll need a good one to get the most out of streaming. You don’t need lightning-speed rates, but make sure you have a connection of at least 5Mbps. Many cable companies have websites for you to check your speed.


Find an internet-connected device. Of course, you need a device to stream to. Your phone and laptop are obvious choices, but you can also stream to a smart TV or a streaming box like Apple TV.


Make the call and adjust your plan. Many companies now offer internet-only or internet/phone plans for those who don’t want cable. With a simple phone call to your cable or satellite provider, you’ll shrink your bill tremendously.


Do the math and see for yourself. Even if you cut just $50 off your $150 per month bill, you’ll save $600 in a year. And that’s more money in your pocket.


If you’re looking for more ways to save money, click the “Learn More” button and turn to page 39 in Explaining Computers in Plain English for Seniors.




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