3 Savory Soups that Knock Out Colds



Chicken soup is good for the soul — and a cold. Just make sure you use the thighs for the most cold-clobbering benefit. They’re loaded with zinc, a natural antibiotic that helps fight infections.


Zinc works by interacting with a protein in cells that fight infection. This action then blocks inflammation and boosts your immune system. That’s why some experts believe zinc lozenges may help you fight off a virus at the first signs of a cold.


You can get zinc from other foods besides chicken thighs. Try these flavorful soups and stews to bounce back quickly from a cold or flu.


Fight infections with oysters. They may look slimy raw, but tossed into a pot with shallots, chopped up celery, heavy cream, and your favorite herbs and spices, and you’ve got a delicious delicacy brimming with cold-fighting minerals. Oysters contain more zinc than any other food in the world, a whopping 74 milligrams per serving. That’s over 10 times more than the other foods high in zinc like beef and crab.


Power up your immune system with beef. Beef is another great zinc source, especially chuck roast. Cut up a shoulder roast into 2-inch chunks, and toss them into a Dutch oven with olive oil, carrots, onions, potatoes, and beef stock. Add shiitake mushrooms for an extra perk. These smoky-flavored mushrooms pump up sluggish immune systems.


Grab a crab to chase away colds. It’s like inviting royalty over. The Alaska king crab delivers a hearty dose of zinc and makes for a majestic bowl of chowder. Mix crab meat in a pot with potatoes, creamed corn, and onions, with salt and pepper to taste.


Not a big fan of soup? Flip to page 85 in Grandma’s Miracle Food Fixes and learn about the “go to” herb that can crush a cold!


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