6 Items You Should Never Keep in Your Car!



If you keep these items in your car, you could be giving thieves an invitation to break in, take your belongings, and even steal your identity!


1.  Never leave electronic devices, like iPads and mobile phones, in your vehicle.


2.  Important identification, like Social Security cards and passports, should stay at home — or with you — at all times.


3.  Your bank statements hold valuable information about your home and finances, so keep those out of sight, too. 


4.  A GPS unit can point thieves directly to your home if you’ve programmed in your address. Hide it or take it with you.


5.  Credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards are an obvious magnet for thieves looking to cash in.

6.  Your garage remote control 
can give thieves access to your garage — and your back door — which a lot of people leave unlocked. 


Now you know what to leave out of your car. But did you know there are 10 essential items you should always keep IN your car? You’ll find them on page 36 of Uncommon Solutions to Common Everyday Problems!


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  • FC&A Staff Writer