Four Foods That Slow Aging!



If you know someone who looks “old before their time,” it might be because of what they forgot to eat! 

Decades of studies, on people all over the world, have shown that the folks who eat the most of these 4 foods are among those who live the longest, and stay in the best health:


Fish — Eat 1-5 times a week. But don’t fry it ... only non-fried fish lengthens your life!


Cabbage — Or any vegetable that forms crosses when sliced, like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.


Berries — Take your pick, mix and match, just enjoy them 3-6 times a week ... fresh, dried, or frozen.


Walnuts — Try to eat some variety of nut at least twice a week, especially walnuts.


Taking care of your skin by eating right is a sure-fire way to look and feel younger, but what you put on your skin is just as essential! See the 3 ways to enhance your natural beauty on page 113 of The Kitchen Table Book 2.

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  • FC&A Staff Writer