Cocoa makes the heart grow fonder


Cocoa makes the heart grow fonder 

Chocolate and hearts go hand in hand, and not just on Valentine’s Day. A little chocolate every day will keep your heart beating for years to come.

Younger skin just a sweet potato away

You can tell the healthiest, most antioxidant-rich veggies and fruits by how they look and smell. There’s no need to carry around a list of your best-bet foods.
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Spicy Way to Ease Stomach Trouble!

Cinnamon isn't just for sweet rolls and sweet potatoes anymore. This condiment is a powerful antiseptic that acts against infectious diseases. In traditional Greek and Indian medicine, cinnamon treated many symptoms. Its healing capabilities, and sweet taste, have made it a valuable spice for thousands of years. Don't forget to check back for more wonderful facts!

Double trouble for foot fungus

Garlic and foot fungus
Athlete’s foot fungus is something like the mythical vampire of folk- lore: Sounds strange, but you can fight this pesky condition with these two home remedies.

Can a "Boo" banish hiccups?

Can a "Boo" banish hiccups?

You’re hiccupping away, and suddenly your friend pops out from around a corner and yells “Boo!” Is your friend being helpful or just being a jerk?