3 terrific non-toxic ways to kill weeds


Some people refer to weeds as plants out of place. If you are a gardener, you may think of them as the bane of your existence. Weeds are a constant battle, but they must be dealt with if you want to keep your yard and garden healthy and beautiful.

It may be tempting to pour or spray heavy chemicals on weeds for a quick result. The truth is, many chemicals don’t work and do way more harm than good. But don’t worry — you have many nontoxic options for getting rid of obstinate weeds.

  • Goat power. When you have large areas overgrown with weeds, goats are an unusual, but effective, remedy. These natural weed whackers can munch through a large patch of weeds and overgrown brush in no time, killing weeds to the root. Rent a goat for a daily rate, or buy one of your own for a fairly cheap way to get the job done.
  • Layering. Two of the biggest obstacles in starting a garden are eliminating weeds and building rich and organic soil. The solution is a type of organic gardening called layering. It’s a way to turn hard soil into rich topsoil in one season and get rid of weeds — all without tilling. The basic system involves layering brown material like shredded newspaper, peat, and pine needles with green materials, including vegetable scraps, grass, and garden clippings. The brown material needs to be twice as deep as the green material. Lay down heavy sheets of toxic-free plastic for the base layer, and they’ll immediately go to work smothering weeds.
  • Pickle juice. Weed-proof your lawn without toxic chemicals. This kitchen item does the trick. Pickle brine contains vinegar and salt, which makes it a weed-busting superstar. Just apply to problem plants and watch them fade fast.

You can actually learn a lot from weeds — they can even tell you where to plant your garden!  That’s just one of the many expert tips you’ll find in How to Grow Just About Everything!



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